Friday, June 4, 2010

Renewing The Old

Do you have a light fixture or a lamp that needs a new look? Is it too good to discard? Are the lines and form good, but the color not quite right? Maybe you don't think it is worth saving, that it could never be the look you want. Just look at what can be done.

We can make your old lamp or light fixture new again. We have repainted, reshaped, removed parts, or whatever it takes to make old lighting new again. We can recover or replace shades, add fabric or trim to existing shades, cover candle covers or replace old stained covers, make chain covers, or monogram shades.

Custom Painted Chandeliers (Before & After)
Custom Made Chandelier Shades & Candle Sleeves

Take a look at your lighting in your home. Is there anything that could be done to save the old and make it new? Would a new coat of paint or a new shade give it new life? If so, bring in a photo to First Fruit Collection and we'll give you ideas of how you can give life to an old chandelier or lamp. It will be less expensive than a new piece and you will be amazed at what we can do to a chandelier or lamp.

Happy Decorating


Ellen Barkley said...

I love these blogs from you! I can't believe the things I have learned and enjoyed reading. Your design knowledge, ideas and taste, inspire me. I look forward to reading them as often as you present them. Thank you!!!

Miss Janice said...

In August, I'm getting a new chandelier for my breakfast room. If I send you a napkin with the toile print in that room, would you be able to make some cute shades...monogrammed, for the chandelier for me? LOVE the monogrammed shades in your photos!

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