Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Name "First Fruit Collection"

The most common question we hear at First Fruit Collection is "Where did you come up with the name?" We are often called Fresh Fruit or First Group. Many people call to order a fruit basket for a loved one. We are often mistaken for a collection agency. I never imagined that our name would cause so much confusion.

The name of our shop came from the Bible. A definition of First Fruit would include the first of anything, mainly referring to your best. Typically the First Fruit is your best fruit. First Fruits always come from the miracles of God, or from that which was produced by God. Man cannot produce crops. Man can only harvest the crops that God produces and gives to us. In Deuteronomy 8:18 God tells us that he gave man the ability to produce wealth. In other words, God gives us the ability to work and earn a living. We earn that income from our labor. Our labor is not holy. First Fruit offerings only came from God's labor and never from man's labor.

God is definitely at the center of everything that is done at First Fruit. He has blessed our shop with wonderful and gifted employees to help us always bring you our best. That is always our goal, keeping you first and giving you our best. May God bless each one of you as you are truly a blessing to us. Happy Decorating, Lisa


Amber said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of God's love for us.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered if the name "First Fruit" had the biblical meaning that came to mind when I first heard it. God has certainly blessed your team with lots of wonderful talent and the shop with much success! Looking forward to a visit soon. M Johnson

Kay Joest said...

I love First Fruits! It is one of the most unique stores in the area. I get so many compliments from the items I buy at your store that I send all my friends to see you. I just wish you were open later and on Saturdays so that I can shop there more often!

Miss Janice said...

I have definitely called your store "Fresh Fruit" before:)

Anonymous said...

Going to the "Vesta Home Show", helped me to find the best kept secret just out of Memphis. I live in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and was thrilled to find the Collierville Square with all the gift shops, antique shops etc... so quaint! Loved my new find!
C. Anderson
Jonesboro, AR. 72401

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