Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look what we made!

As a designer, I tend to see the world different than most people. When I go to a restaurant I am typically looking at the wall art, carpeting and lighting before I ever glance at the menu. When 
I stay at a hotel, I sometimes wonder what year they decorated the rooms or why they chose a particular color scheme. At church this past Sunday, I wondered if the carpet was blue or green . . . and the paint on the walls was a bit too taupe for my taste. I guess all professions have the same problems . . .does a hairdresser always think of new ways for strangers to wear their hair? Does my dentist look at people’s teeth and wonder when their last cleaning occurred? It is something to think about . . .isn’t it?

In my own home, I sometimes need a second opinion. I realize you might find this hard to believe, but it happens more than you can imagine. I know something is not quite right in my room, but cannot figure out exactly what is wrong. To the average person it would appear fine . . but I know something is missing. This happened with my living room in my home I have livedin 15 months. Something was not quite right . . . and I couldntquite figure out what it was. At first, I removed the rug . . . I thought it was too busy. I ordered a solid rug. Then I took out the chairs, moved them to the den. I replaced with some chairs from the attic . . . big mistake! Too Small! What was wrong?

I called for HELP! I asked Ashley Toney for a “house call”.She came immediately and stated that everything was up on legs and I had nothing skirted. That was it! She also looked up and told me that I needed to replace my light fixture . . . I hadn’t noticed it until that very moment . . . now I am so embarrassed! I must get a new one! She also suggested a skirted table and a skirted ottoman to replace my “leggy” coffee table.

Well . . . . . . I immediately got started. I could make one.Vince said he would make a frame the following weekend. On the way to work on Friday, I spotted a “Garage Sale”sign, and the rest is history. They had a country “coffee table” that I knew was the right size for my ottoman. So, at work on Friday my workroom got busy making the skirt, over skirt etc. for my creation. And . . . . for less than $100, we made this ottoman. It took about 2 hours in sewing and stapling . . . but it turned out very cute.

Is there something at your home that could be re-purposed
for something else? Take a look around . . . the possibilities
are endless.

Happy Decorating,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Leave a Legacy

I was sad to learn of the death of Barbara Billingsley this past week.
I loved to watch Leave it to Beaver every weekday afternoon. June
Cleaver was the perfect Mom. She kept a spotless house, cooked
full course meals, and always looked beautiful. I am still amazed
how she managed to do all her chores in those stylish dresses,
high heels and pearls . . . .with every hair in place. I was also sad to hear of the death of Tom Bosley this past week.
I also loved to watch Happy Days on Friday evenings. Howard
Cunningham was a devoted father, a loving husband and earned
the respect of all of Richie’s friends. He was an All-American
Dad ready with wise advise.

I started thinking about their lives and all the good that followed
them to their death. They impacted so many lives through their
television characters and instilled many morals and values in
our lives. They shaped a part of who I am and what I believe
to be good and wholesome. I will miss them both and am grateful
for the wonderful memories of time spent in front of our console
black and white television with the pull on/off button, complete
with 3 national and 2 local channels. Those were the days. No
remote controls, VHS, DVD, Dish, Cable or

I also wondered about the impact of my life on those I came in
contact with . . . my family, friends, employees and all the other
nameless people I meet as I shop, work, worship, exercise, or
live around. What kind of person do they think I am . . . what
message am I sending to them as I keep my busy schedule?
You know . . . that is something I will never know . . . we never
really know what people really think of us . . . you know they
are not ever going to be completely honest.

Therefore, I need to live every day as if it were my last day to
touch the lives of the people I come in contact with. . . considering
what impression my words and actions are saying. I sincerely
desire to be a blessing to all the people that are put into my path
on a daily basis. I realize this is a hard and possibly impossible
task . . . but it is my desire . . . to be more like Jesus every day.

I want to leave a legacy . . . like Barbara and Tom . . . being
remembered for all the good in my life . . . this is my prayer
and my desire. May God give me the ability and the strength
to make this a reality.

Happy Decorating, Lisa

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas sneek peek!

Elf Hats for Tree Toppers, we also have the matching shoes to set beside the bed or on the hearth , Oh So Cute!

Cute ribbon and door arrangements! Amazing at always!
You will love our Grinch Greenery, what a find this year at market!
Spectacular ribbon wreaths . . . . Soooooooo AMAZING!
Christmas is a magical time of year. I always look forward to getting out the boxes of decorations and reminiscing about where I got a particular ornament. Oh, that was the cute snowman I won at "Dirty Santa" at our Sunday School party, or look at the cute elf I found on our trip to the beach several years ago, remembering that cute Christmas store . . . . oh the memories. They are all like old friends that I haven't seen in a while . . . . slipping my mind completely until I see them again . . . . and then a smile . . . . I love them just as much as ever. I never see it as a chore as some people do, I absolutely enjoy every minute of it. I love finding different places in my home for my decorations each year, mixing it up and always adding something new to make me smile. As many of you know how we do Christmas at First Fruit . . . . it is always HAPPY. It is whimsical with lots of polka dots, harlequins, bright lime green and true red. It is not serious, rich, sophisticated or stuffy. Our Christmas style is one that will transform all ages to a child like state and make even the most grumpy person smile. It is guaranteed to transform any Scrooge to a cheerful elf. Speaking of elves, our elves have worked so hard for the last several months painting, sewing, ruffling, appliqueing, designing, pricing, storing, wrapping, and everything else it takes to have a beautiful "Open House." Our ideas are amazing . . . I think you will love what we have in store for your home this Christmas. We are even carrying "Elf on the Shelf" this year . . . and we have a special "Elf Tree" that is amazing. We have went a little elf crazy . . . but it is Oh So Cute! We are looking forward to seeing all of you next week at our annual "Open House". Merry Decorating, Lisa

Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas Open House

First Fruit Collection Christmas open house will begin October 11th and go through October 15th. Please come by and check out all the amazing Christmas decor!