Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Makes a House a Home?

Home is the one place in your life that you can relax, curl up on the sofa or comfortable chair and just enjoy being there. I have those times where I just want to be home. I don’t want to go anywhere, sometimes not even get dresses all day. I just enjoy my home. I love working in my garden, crafting in my sewing room, cutting my grass in the summer, cooking in my kitchen, and I even enjoy cleaning my home. I know that sounds strange to you, but I really enjoy it. It is such a mindless task, so relaxing.

I know you all enjoy your homes as well. What makes you home special? It may be the cat in the window, the puppy curled up beside you on the sofa, your favorite magazine on the coffee table, the pile of shoes by the garage door, the smell of dinner in the oven, the sound of bare feet running down the hall calling for you.

Whatever it is that makes your home special, we hope that we are somehow part of what makes it beautiful to you. For 13 years now, First Fruit Collection has furnished many homes and made many friends along the way. We have enjoyed being part of making you homes “HAPPY”.

We are now beginning a new chapter at First Fruit Collection. We have just completed a total renovation of the store. I am so glad to be part of this new beginning. The Store looks amazing. I can hardly believe it is the same store. The changes are very impressive and the vignettes are so well designed, it helps to see the furniture grouping as you would see it in your own home. I absolutely love all the reclaimed woods and natural elements. All I can say is


I do hope to see all of you at the store on Thursday, March 1. Our hours are 10:00-8:00. We will have hourly door prizes, specials and treats for you to enjoy. Please come and see us. We have so missed seeing you.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sneak Peek!

Our Designing Women at Work!

We have had one busy week. First Fruit Collection

is undergoing a total transformation. We have been

painting, spackling, hanging lighting, paneling the

walls with an old house that Ashley found and had

torn down (you will be amazed), and redecorating

the store from top to bottom. There has been

whining, tears, bruises, blood, sweat, laughter,

dancing and singing. It has been one of the

hardest and most rewarding weeks of my life.

I am so proud of Ashley. Her style and ability

to put the store together has amazed me. The

furniture and accessories are so well coordinated.

We have all had so much fun placing all the new stuff.

We have squeeled with excitement more than once

and want to buy everything. Don't worry, we are

saving it for you.

Here is a sneek peek of just a sample of what is new:

Lots of reclaimed furniture!

Lots of reclaimed furniture!

The crosses are amazing as always!

Be sure to come by on March 1 for our all day celebration.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finial Countdown Week!!

All In-Stock Merchandise is now

40% OFF

Excludes previously marked-down items

All merchandise is finial sale and no approvals will be permitted at these low prices

We will be open our normal hours this week. We will then close the store and get ready for the Grand Opening Party on March 1st. Be sure to stop by the store for your coupon for this special day.

Where oh Where is Vince?

Many of you have asked about where he has gone. He has opened the Dent Doctor back up. He owned and operated the Dent Doctor of Memphis for 15 years prior to working with us at First Fruit Collection.

He is now at Elite Auto on Poplar (HWY 57) just inside the Piperton town line. He is doing:

Paintless dent repair

Auto Dealing

Auto Washing


Windshield Wipers

Please stop by and see him, I’m sure he would love to see you and take care of your automobile.

His number is 850-9889

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Happy Valentines Day, Where is Your Heart?"

As First Fruit Collection under my ownership is winding
down, I find myself reflecting on all the years that have
come and gone and all the joys, heartaches, laughter,
births, adoptions, deaths, stories, diets, contests,
counseling, marriages, and most of all the memories
that are associated with this wonderful place. I step
down with an expectation of great things to come and
feel blessed to be part of a new chapter. I look forward
to my role as designer and employee. I will stand
beside Ashley as she takes on her role as owner, and
be there to hold her up as she gets settled in her new
position. I pray you will accept her and the changes
with anticipation and excitement.

I will continue to blog for “Your Home Can Be Happy”,
I still have much to say! One last thing I will say to
you is where is your heart? Does Jesus have a place
there. He came to live in my heart when I was 8 years
old. Ever since then he has been so real to me. He
has forgiven my sins and has a place prepared for me
in heaven to live eternally with Him. As our relationship
developed, he has responded to my concerns with
understanding and guidance. He helped me be a good
student, wife, mother, daughter and friend. He always
assured me that I was His and He loved me. He has
given me courage to take steps of faith and do things
I thought I couldn’t do on my own. I’ll admit I wasn’t
as faithful to our relationship as He was, but even in
those times I always was aware that I could call His
name and He would always respond. Over and over
again He has verified His realness, an inner voice inside
of me, knowing who He is and that He is real.

If you don’t have this personal relationship with Jesus,
you can. He is waiting for you to respond. It is as
simple as a prayer to ask Him to live in your heart and
forgive your sins.

True joy comes by walking daily with Him. He is my
joy, my strength and my salvation. I pray that He is
yours too.

Happy Decorating,


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grand Re-Opening

As you already know, First Fruit Collection
will be closed Feb. 20th-Feb. 29th.
During this time we will be cleaning, painting,
receiving new merchandise,and doing the much need
facelift to your favorite store.We will re-open March 1st with a
Grand Re-Opening Party!
You don't want to miss out on this exciting event.

First Fruit Collection
invites you to attend our
Grand Re-Opening
Thursday, March 1st

Please join your friends at First Fruit Collection
for our Grand Re-Opening.
We cannot wait to unveil all of our new improvements
and spectacular new merchandise.
For this special event we will be offering 10% off your
entire purchase. In addition,
we will be giving out door prizes throughout the day.
We are looking forward to sharing this exciting event with you!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Starting Monday February 6th

Everything in the Store will be 30% off!
We are clearing out our store to make room
for all the new merchandise we have coming in!
The sale will last until February 18th, then we will close
for inventory and a total makeover.
We will re-open March 1st with our Grand Re-Opeinging Party.

Be sure to shop early for the best selection.
All sales will be finial and no 24 hour approvals.

*excludes yellow tag items.