Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Home Tour

What a wonderful time we had with all of you that came to our
First Christmas Home Tour. Thank you for taking the time to
come to our homes. We were able to raise $1800.00 for our
charity . . . . we are still praying about that . . . . but we will be
sure to tell you when we decide.

We have photos on the link listed below for those of you
that missed the tour or for those of you that didn’t get
enough of the tour on Saturday. Please take time to look
at these.

Many of you asked if there will be another tour next year.
We will definitely try to do this again next year, but we have
decided that it will be in the middle of November so that you
will have time to incorporate many of the ideas you see in
your own homes.

We will also post the pecan crisps and coconut joys recipes
on an upcoming blog for those of you that asked. The goodies
were divine. We have a very talented employee, Amy Murray,
who is also an excellent cook as well as hostess. Thank you
Amy for helping make Saturday so special for so many.

Also, a special thanks to Brooke and Brian Sparks for opening
their home. They were so gracious to all of our customers by
letting you enjoy their beautiful house. And a big thank you
to Ashley Sparks Toney for all her help in decorating this
home. You are talented beyond your years.

We hope you enjoyed the tour! We enjoyed you!
Happy Decorating,


Paula J. said...

Thank you so much for posting the great photos! I hated to miss the tour, but my sweet niece (who is 4 yrs old) hosted her very first Christmas Tea on the same day - which was so much fun. She lives in Olive Branch, so I'll have to look forward to next year's tour. Merry Christmas!!

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