Thursday, August 19, 2010


We have been as busy as little elves at First Fruit Collection. For those of you that have visited us in the last two weeks, you have noticed all the changes.

We replaced the yucky 9 year old carpet in the original space:

We tore out our old counter and installed new cabinetry and countertop:

We removed wallpaper (3 layers) and painted and put our logo on the back wall:

And . . . . . we did it all ourselves in one weekend! We started at the close of the day on Friday evening 5:00, and were basically complete by the open of business on Monday at 10:00. A big thank you to all of you who helped make this project possible. We couldn’t have done it without all your help.

We would love to move into a larger space and add more merchandise, but we love the Square too much to move. So we decided to go ahead with some much needed improvements to our existing space. We just love to buy and pack our store full of pretty things, but our space is limited. . . . . especially now. . . . . we just failed our Fire Inspection . . . . he didn’t think our aisles were wide enough? Imagine that! I guess he just doesn’t appreciate pretty furniture. Don’t worry, we made the mandatory changes . . . . so if the place goes up in flames . . . . we can all run for the door . . . . side by side . . . our aisles are now that wide! : )

Happy Decorating



Barbara said...

Looks GREAT!!! Wish I could see it in person. Barbara Farley

Mr Lonely said...

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Paula said...

I can't wait to see all the changes in person!

That wasn't very nice of Mr. Fireman to fail your inspection: I know he was just doing his job... oh, well - I know it's still going to be beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you've widened the aisles. I always seemed to trip or knock my knees when shopping before - of course that may just be my general klutziness. I'll have to stop by sometime soon to see your changes and test whether I make it without tripping. ; )

Miss Janice said...

Love the changes to your store. It all looks great!

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